BLumia (Gary Wang, for real), is a young programmer from China. With his hobby, he is still messing around, creating stuff in order to fill his empty soul. This site is also the result of what he is doing.

This site is built from scratch with PHP and using a (so called) home made scaffold engine named Mutter. This (half static) site is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. For previous version of his website, he tryed WordPress, Typecho, Hexo for his blogging system but none of them can fit his require, and, did you know he start making his own web pages since 2012?


  • Software developer
    • coding for joy
    • messing with bunches of programming languages
    • write open-source software that nobody use
  • Computer hardware noob (as always)
  • Former (and failed) ACMer
  • Music hobbyist
    • produce using daw on my laptop
    • know nothing about mixing and composing
  • Gamer
    • play game only for relax and joy
    • willing to make indie game
    • prefer platformer / rhythm / puzzle games
  • Young, simple and fulltime naive
  • FuSeems chrome and firefox now can search with comment and empty span now. But why are you reading this ‘hidden’ text?rry, if that means anything to you.


UTF-8, LF, Linux, Open Source, FSF, Cynicism, Idealism


  • Twitter: @BLumiaW for real.
  • E-Mail: wzc782970009 at gmail dot com
  • Discord: BLumia#9042


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